Billo Rani was a challanging role : Nirahua

Dinesh Lal Yadav Nirahua, Silver Jubilee Star of Bhojpuri Cinema, is a dedicated actor of Bhojpuri and wants to establish Bhojpuri Cinema at par with global cinema. He does not believe in numbers of his films but wants to do only quality films. These virtues make him a respected name amongst the Bhojpuri Stars.

Nirahua as Billo Rani with Awadhesh Mishra in Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel

Recently his home production film Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel was released in Bihar and UP and proved to be a super duper hit film. The film is going to be released in Mumbai and rest of India soon. Almost the whole Bhojpuri Film Industry was present at the premier show of the film Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel held at Mumbai recently and every one praised the film. Specially the role of Billo Rani played by Nirahua. They said only Nirahua was capable of this feat and will be remembered long for this role.

Presented below is the excerpts of an interview of Nirahua done at the occasion of the premier show:

Your home prpduction film Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel is doing a roaring business in Bihar. How do you feel about it?

I gave the film my best honestly, and when you give something the best of yours, you are bound to succeed. That is why almost all of my films are hit at the box-offices. I was confidant of Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel being a success. Naturally, I felt good when I was told that it has done wonders in Bihar where it was released simultaneously in 32 cinema halls and is giving more than hundred percent result! Our director Farooq Siddiqui has discharged his duties with responsibilty.

Dont you feel that the role of Billo Rani is influenced by Chachi 420 or Aunty No.1, because all these films showed the hero romancing with his love in the guise of a girl?

No, I dont totally agree with you. You can say that the film somewhat repeats those films but it is totally different from those films in many aspects. The film gives a healthy and good entertainment. Honestly speaking the role of Billo Rani was a challange for me and I accepted the challange to the best of my capability. And the results is in front of you!

What message does the film convey?

If you want do resolve something with force you are bound to fail. But if you try it with love and compassion you are certain of succeeding. My girlfriend in the film is the daughter of a powerlord. He is against our marriage and deploys all kinds of force against me, But finally I win him over with my love as a girl.

Pakhi Hegde with Nirahua in Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel

What was that special something which made you agree to do the film?

At the outset I was influenced when Farooq Siddiquir narrated the story to me. I felt it to be a total story mirroring life. I have done these before but this time it was a differrent story and the cinegoers will find a new Nirahua and will come to see the film again and again.

Did you encounter some problems doing this role?

No. Nothing. My co-artists Pakhi Hegde, Awadhesh Mishra, and Manoj Tiger helped me a lot and they reviewed my every shot. I would also like to thank Farooq Ahmad Siddiqui who got the best out of me and a very good film was produced.

Are you now in the position to choose your roles?

Yes, of course! I am only doing selected films now and want that Bhojpuri films get international recognition. I started my own film production house keeping this aim of making good films in Bhojpuri. Prem Ke Rog Bhayeel is the example of that devotion. Nest film of my production house is Nirahua Tangewala which will be the biggest Bhojpuri Film till date. In reality I want to change the taste of Bhojpuri Cinegoers so that they choose to see only class films in Bhojpuri. Now I want to produce Bhojpuri Films for the international market.

What is more going on these days?

My films are regularly making waves. Pratigya has done Silver Jubillee, Deewana has completed 50 days in Bihar, so has Chalani Ke Chalal Dulha in Bihar and UP starring my youger brother Pravesh Lal in the lead role. I have just completed the shootings of Parivaar and many are in the pipeline. I am alll booked for the next two years.