Bhojpuria Othello Manoj Tiwari

Manoj Tiwari Mridul

Everyone, from corporte world to Hindi film makers have most faith in Manoj Tiwari amongst the Bhojpuri artists. A magazine of Mauritius has named Manoj Tiwari as Othello of Bhojpuri. The dramatic elements of this Othello have attracted the film makers the most. He is the first artist to hit the screen starting from a singing career. His charm has mesmerised the Bhojpuria public, be it in the field of singing, dancing, politics, or acting, he rules the minds and that is the reason he has been cast as most varied colors.

Recently a corporate company, Frontline Entertainment, has announced a big budget film with Manoj Tiwari as hero. The budget is said to be 25 millions! The company is also going to distribute his films and music albums. He Mahadev, a music album of Manoj Tiwari has been released by the company with great success.

Presented below is excerpts from an interview with Manoj Tiwari :

Manoj Tiwari Ji, you may identify your personal life in a silent movie made by Dimitri Buchowetzki on Othello in 1922. Are not your own carreer like Othello? Your first Bhojpuri film Sasura Bada Paisa Wala created a magic and Bhojpuri film industry rose in parallel to Hindi cinema. The Bhojpuri film industry was revived and Bhojpuri became the source of livelihood for many families.

(Laughing) In reality I would much more like to become a Mahendar Mishir rather than an Othello. I want that Bhojpuri gets recognised all over the world. When the American administration starts giving importance to Bhojpuri, it appears like our lives have been usefull.

Manoj Tiwari Mridul

Mesmerism of Othello has always attracted fim makers and you too have mesmerised the film makers as well as the common people. Big B treats you like a younger brother, politicians invite you to contest parliamentary elections, corporate world is investing heavily in projects associated with you. Can't it be said that it is the magic of Bhojpuria Othello?

You left nothing for me to say! This is their humbleness.

Is not it your greatness?

No. I treat myself as an actor who is still learning manythings from this industry.

Manoj Ji, your films have always affected the common viewers. Your films are said to be the mirror of society. But the present day Bhojpuri films dont even see their own face in these films, why?

The answer is simple. We are not behaving as Bhojpuri cinema is a heritage. We are making films for the front-benchers. Result is the frontbenchers are lapping up the films but the backbenchers are fast disappearing.

Manoj Tiwari Mridul

Manoj Ji, have you achieved your dreams?

I am not highly ambitious. I only want to be entertaining my fans till my last breath.

Recently Frontline Entertainment announced a film with you having a budget of 2.5 crores and M-series music company released your video album Hey Mahadev. It appears your magic is again started working on the coporate world.

It is a good sign that corporate companies like Frontline are entering Bhojpuri film making. This company did a market survey before coming into film making.

Your latest music video album is making waves and it is being said that it is unprecedented.

It is true that more than one lakh copies of the album have been sold already. It appears that the public is liking the way spirituality has been mixed with modernity.

A reality show "Sur Sangram" anchored by you is leading in TRP charts. How does it feel?

Sur Sangram was leading in popularity amongst reality shows on private TV channels for months. It is very encouraging and many other reality show makers now want me as their anchors.

Your are said to be the best actor in Bhojpuri film industry whose films have never disappointed. Many of the present day stars are opening their own production houses. Will you follow them?

Time will tell!. But their ar more talented actors than me in the industry. I want to utilise the strength of Frontline Entertainment for the betterment of Bhojpuri world as a whole.