Found Bhojpuria Darshil Safari... and other stories.

Found Bhojpuria Darshil Safari...

Aman Pandey

When Aamir Khan saw Aman Pande, he said, My God, he is same to same Darshil Safari! One day he will also be famous like Darshil.

We are talking about Aman Pande, son of famous producer Sudhakar Pande. Aman is 9 years old and looks like Darshil Safari, the dyslexic boy of Taare Zameen Par. As Aman is related with film background, it is expected that one day he will sure come on the screen. Sudhakar Pandey, maker of 5 super hit films, including 'Sasura Bada Paisa Wala' says, Many people say that Aman looks like Darshil Safari. I want to turn him into Bhojpuria Darsheel Safari!

Sudhakar Pandey has introduced Manoj Tiwari, Dineshlal Yadav, and, Manoj Mishra Mihir in Bhojpuri film industry. Sudhakar Pande has three sons. All of them are interested in films. Eldest one Akash Pande is 13 years old, Aman Pande is the middle one, and the youngest is 8 years old Ankur Pande.

Aman is a student at St. Francis School. Sudhakar Pande says there is competition at his home, and for that he will produced a film with three heroes. He is looking for a Bhojpuria Aamir Khan before launching Bhojpuria Darshil Safari. Sudhakar Pandey has his eyes on his elder son Akash Pande to become Bhojpuria Aamir Khan. He says when Akash become adult he will launch Bhojpuria Aamir Khan and Bhojpuria Darsheel Safara togather.

It means we have to wait at least for 5 years before we can see Bhojpuria Aamir Khan and Bhojpuria Darshil Safari on screen.

Manoj Tiwari comes to visit his Guru SwatantraDev Ji Maharaj

Manoj Tiwari with Sadguru Swatantra Dev

Sadguru SwatantraDev Ji Maharaj has came to Gokul Dham, Goregaon East from Allahbad. His devotees crowded the Dham for a glimse of their Guru and Manoj Tiwari too was in the crowd as a common man. However, Sadguru SwatantraDev Ji Maharaj gave his blessings to Manoj Tiwari. Among the devotees many industrialists and filmwallahs were present.

Vinay Anand

Kareena gets a new fan in Vinay Anand

Govinda and Kareena has been a successful pair of Hindi films. Gossips floated all around about their off-screen romance. Now both of them are married with separate persons but Kareena has got a new fan in Vinay Anand, a nephew of Govinda! It is rumoured that he has got Kareena's name tatooed on his arm. Perhaps this explains Vinay Anand wearing long sleeve shirts whenever he goes out.

When Vinay Anand was asked about the reason he became shy and said, Yes, I am a fan of Kareena since I saw her film Jab We Met. But then I am one of her crores fans. And yes, I have got a name tatooed on my wrist, but that is of my wife.

Okay, Vinay. This shows you are a real lover!

Now Ravan in Bhojpuri

Jitesh Dube, producer of mind blowing super-duper hit films like 'Dharmveer' and 'Munnibai Nautankiwali' and Mahesh Pande, maker of mind blowing film 'Gabbar Singh', are now jointly going to make a big bang in Bhojpuri.

They are planning making a film 'Ravan', on the story of world's highly qualified villain Ravan. This film will be titled 'BRIJWA'. 'BRIJWA' will be first Bhojpuri film which will be based on any villain's name. Film will mount on floor next month. There will be many high profile artists in this film. This film will be produced by Mukesh Pande and Payal Dube and presented by Jitesh Dube.

According to Jitesh Dube and Mahesh Pande this film has no any relation with Ravan of Ramayan, but through 'BRIJWA' we will be showing Ravan of modern period. Famous film maker Mani Ratan is also making a film 'Ravan' with Abhishekh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai. It will be interesting to see whether audience like Bhojpuri Ravan or Hindi Ravan.

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