Who will turn as Bhojpuria Ravan

Producer Jitesh Dubey

In cinema world recently a news has taken sensational shape to know about the star who will play the role of Bhojpuria Ravan, and make the audience happy with his potrayal of Bhojpuria Ravan.

Producer Jitesh Dube, who has produced super duper hit films like Munnibai Nautankiwali and Dhararamveer and Mahesh Pande, the producer of Gabbar Singh have joined hands to jointly produce a film about the modern day Bhojpuria Ravan BRIJVA.

Nearly two dozens artists have undergone audition for this role of modern day Ravan named as Brijva. It is a big budget film and news is floating around that even Jacky Shroff and Mithuan Chakravarty have been contacted for this role.

Director of this film Manjul Thakur and Producers Mukesh Pande and Payal Dube say that till now no decision has been taken about the artist who shall play the strong character role of Brijva, but a decision will be taken shortly. There are three Heroes in this film and the whole team of this film is very happy.

Let us wait and watch who will play the character of modern day Bhojpuria Ravan called BRIJVA.

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