Got fame due to friends help : says Brijesh Tripathi

After his thirty years in film industry and experiencing many flips and flops, Brijesh Tripathi readily agrees that all his successes are due to his friends. Brijesh was poor in his studies and so was sent to Mumbai from his village in sultanpur of Uttar Pradesh to learn some thing for earning his livelihood. He got lucky here as he developed a friendship at a beetle shop and that friendship intoduced him in film career.

Brijesh Tripathi

This was the friendship with Dilip Paryani at that beetle shop Tiwari Paanwala of Kandivalli. Dilip was a filmbuff and had a long cherished dream to produce a film. It was a chance meet that they met Vinod Tiwary, sub-editor of Madhuri eho in turn introduced them to Anzaan and the result was Taxi Chor, a film with Mithun Chakravarty and Zareena Vahab as lead pair and introducing Bijesh and another new face Amita.

After two Hindi films Brijesh developed friendship with Rakesh Pandey who was then the lead star of Bhojpuri cinema. Brijesh got his first role in a Bhojpuri film with his help as Padma Khanna' father in Kab Aeenhe Sajnva Humaar. When Rakesh started directing films he gave the role of villain in Bansuriya Baaje Ganga Teer to Brijesh Tripathi.

Brijesh Tripathi has worked with almost all top stars and directors of Hindi cinema and feels that it is only a difference of canvas between Hindi and Bhojpuri films. Hindi films are made with a big budget and on a large canvas whereas Bhojpuri films are produced with a relatively smaller budget. Another difference is the payment which is meagre in Bhojpuri industry. But despite these shortcomigs Brijesh feels that Bhojpuri films are fast coming parallel to Hindi cinema.

Brijesh feels he has but a small a hand in the development of this third phase of Bhojpuri film industry. Because it was he who introuced Ravi Kishan to Mohanji Prasad. Mohanji Prasad kept reminding Brijesh to have in mind a hero for his Bhojpuri film. Brijesh met Ravi Kishan on the sets of Hindi film Agni Morcha and Ravi readily accepted the proposal to act in the film which seeded the third rise of Bhojpuri film industry. It was the film Sayeeyan Humar which became super hit Bhojpuri film and helped revive the Bhojpuri film industry once again.

Brijesh denies that Bhojpuri industry has groupism though he accepts that every star has a clutch of cronies who are seen in every film of theirs. But it is natural as the entertainment industry is based on such relations. Even Brijesh got name and fame with the liberal help of his friends, he says. He is grateful specially to Puneet Issar and Salim Akhtar, who gave his first fame with Jeegar. There are many others too like K C Bokadia and many more which would take hours to describe.

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