Brijwa releasing on 11th Dec. in Mumbai

Gunjan Pant in a scene of Brijwa

The most talked about film of the year Brijwa is going to be released in Mumbai on 11th Dec. It will be released in Bihar on 18th Dec. 09.All preparations for a grand release of the film has been done. Good theatres have been booked as the theatre owners beleive that Brijwa will do wonderful business and will attract large crowds.

For the first time a Bhojpuri film has been named on the villain of the film Brijwa, a hardcore naxalite and Maoist. Brijwa is a terror in the locality and is accused of 32 mass-murders. Again for the firsttime someone in Bhojpuri film industry has dared to make a film on Naxalite menace.

Vinay Anand, Sudeep Pandey, and Deepak Dubey are three friends who come to their village to enjoy their vacations. They come face to face of Brijwa and ultimately kill him and also destroy his fiefdom of terror.

The film Brijwa has been produced by Payal Dubey, directed by Manjul Thakur, and presented by Jitesh Dubey whose another film Munni Bai Nautankiwali has been the most successful Bhojpuri film of the year.

Stars of the film include Vinay Anand, Sudeep Pandey, Deepak Dubey, Sadhika Raandhawa, Gunjan Pant, Kalpana Shah, Sanjay Pandey, Kittu, Brijesh Tripathi and others along with Brijwa played by Phool Singh.

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