Anil Agrawal

The first film of Anil Agrawal JOGIJI DHEERE DHEERE was declared as entertainer by cinegoers, critics and sycophants alike. After that, he immediately got into the making of PHOOLAURI BINA CHUTNI KAISE BANI. Now, young producer Anil Agarwal has already declared his third film CHORWA BANAL DAMAD right during the music launch party of PBCKB. He speaks and shares his idea of film-making. Here are the excerpts : -


I make good films. And the latest one Chorwa Banal Damad is also full of fun. Jogi Ji Dheere Dheere released in Bihar was a big hit. This month it is slated to open in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and later in Mumbai. Phoollauri Bina Chutni Kaise Bani will open in December in Mumbai and thereafter in other regions.

Tell more about CHORWA BANAL DAMAD.

The shooting is already completed. We expect to complete post-production soon and the film will hit the silver screen in February 2010. Rajnish Tyagi has directed it.

When was this Pawan solo starrer planned?

It was planned once the subject was locked. The narrative demanded Pawan and when we approached him, he agreed to do the film immediately after the narration.

The film has item girl Seema Singh in the lead. Any specific reason for signing her?

Yes. Seema Singh had won Best Item Girl award, so people knew of her. I felt that she has star material in her. Also, in our films, a good actress requires to be a good dancer also. I signed her keeping in mind her talent to portray the role and also because she can dance well. She has in fact done justice to her work and delivered more than what we had expected.

What's the subject?

Though the subject is not very new, it's the treatment that makes the difference. Pawan Singh plays double role in the film, one the son of a Thakur and other a thief. Situations make the whole story very dramatic and interesting. And yes, it is a film packed with lots of laughter.

What would you say about the director, Rajnish Tyagi?

He is a master of his work. Rajnish has given his best to the film. It is due to his untired hard work that we managed to complete the film before schedule.

What factors you feel are good and bad in current scenario of the business?

Good thing is that many new producers are coming in to filmmaking. However, the bad thing is that most of them try to copy a successful film, or to imitate someone's style. This results in a poor film and loss of money, along with unhealthy clashes over plagiarism. As far as I am concerned, I assure you, that none of my film will ever be a copy of someon else's work.

Finally, what next?

I have already started work on my next project. Once the script is finalised, I will make the official announcement. Until then, I am happily busy with my ongoing project Chorwa Banal Damad.

Chorwa Banal Damad
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