Ten faces of Ravikishan

Ravi Kishan

Super star of Bhojpuri Cinema Ravi Kishan will soon be viewed by his viewers in many roles in a single film soon. Ravi is the lead star of Yashi Films International's upcoming total comedy film Chandu Ki Chameli. The king producerr of Bhojpuri Cinema Abhay Sinha has produced this film and Dev Pandey has directed it.

Ravi will be seen in this film as a village lad, Michale jackson, urban man, doctor, engineer, paanwala etc. The other artists in the film include the sexy actress Sadhika Randhawa, Sudeep Pandey, Gunjan Pant, Anand Mohan, Gopal Rai, Puspa Verma, Brajesh Tripathi among others.

Ravi Kishan says that he enjoyed working in the film and predicted this film to be a grand film as previous films by Abhay Sinha. He said the director Dev Pandey has done wonders in the film. He will be seen doing comedy roles in the film as well as a skilled dancer who dances with Sadhika on the lyrics by Vinay Bihari and music composed by Dhananjay Mishra.

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