Premier show of Dulha Phuke Chulha

Recently a premier show of Dulha Phuke Chulha was organised at Regent theatre of Patna. Akash Sulabh, son of famous socialservant Anil Sulabh, plays the lead character of the film. For the first time a premier show was organised a fortnight before its due release and the theatre was packed to the capacity.

Rani Chaturvedi, Akash and Suman

Sadguru Mata Maa Vijya, head of a spiritual organisation Ishyog, switched on the projecter to start displaying the film. arun Kumar Sinha, MLA from Central Patna, Ajit Kumar Jha, MLA from Shivhar, Akash Sulabh, Rani Chaturvedi, Suman, JDU leader Randhir Singh, and Anil Sulabh were present there to grace the occasion.

After viewing the film Sadguru Maa Vijaya hoped that this film will spread a social message along with entertaining the viewers. Dulha Phuke Chulha is a well made film which has all the neccessary ingredients for healthy entaintainment and can be seen alongwith ones family.

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