Durga Prasad Mazumdar

Bhojpuri-Bhushan Durga Prasad

International fame musician and film producer Durga Prasad Mazumdar was honoured with the Bhojpuri-Bhushan Award at the National Bhojpuri Conference held recently at Delhi jointly by Bhojpuri Association of India(BHAI) and the Bhojpuri News Weekly The Sunday Indian. The award was given through the hands of famous mamagement Guru Arindam Chaudhary and Padmshree Sharda Sinha.

Durga Prasad Majumdar said in his thanks that now his responsiibiliteis have increased and he would work more seriously for the upliftment of Bhojpuri cinema. He sadi though he has been honoured many a times for his music this honour is more important as it has been given for his contribution for the cause of a language.

Durga Prasad is the director of his film making company Aadi Shakti Entertainment which produces nearly a dozen of films every year.

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