Vinay Anand calls Govinda as his Master

Vinay Anand

Charming star Vinay Anand of Bhojpuri films accepted his Maternal Uncle (Mama) Govinda as his master and says I am his follower. Vinay Anand and Govind mixed up very much.

Recently Vinay Anand is in Bihar, where he is celebrating two achievements. Firstly, his latest film "Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Lage" has broke the Box-office records in Bihar and got bumper opening collection of 120%. Secondly, he is anchoring for a reality show "Gruhlaxmi", made on the basis of "Kaun Banega Karodpati". In this reality show Vinay Anand goes door to door asking the questions from those present and providing prizes on the spot.

Vinay Anand is also busy doing his next film in Bihar. When asked regarding Govinda, he immediately told that Govinda is his master. His grand-mother (Nani) was guiding him till she was alive, now his maternal uncle (Mama) Govinda is guiding hin. Vinay Anand says, Whenever I am stuck for any typical scene, I ask for suggestion from Mama (Govinda).

You are right Vinay, doing very well. Keep it up!