'Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Laage' will rock in Mumbai

After being a super duper hit in Bihar, Bhojpuri film Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Laage is now going to be released in Mumbai.

Vinay R Anand and Bali in Jade me Balma Pyara Lage

In this film, Bhojpuria viewers will see for the first time Bhojpuria Super Start Vinay Anand as a farmer with hot and heat girl Monalisa. Vinay Anand will also be seen as Bhojpuria Krish. In Mumbai the film is releasing by the producer of ':Munnibai Nautankiwali': and ':Dharmveer':, Jitesh Dube':s film distribution company Anoop Enterprises. Jitesh Dube says, Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Laage has created a new history of success in Bihar, and will also be repeating the same history in Mumbai too.

Vinay R Anand and Monalisa in Jade me Balma Pyara Lage

Vinay Anand says Bhojpuria audience will be pleasantly shocked with his role in the film. Monalisa says producer Mukesh Goyal's this film has her in a sensational role.

So lets get ready to view the sensation of Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Laage.

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