Ganga Bachao - Kis Liye Jogi Bane ...

Music album of KalpanaLatest music album of singer Kalpana based on Kanwaria Theme and released from Wave Music is named Kis Liye Jogi Bane. The album is produced in Nautanki style.

This album of Kalpana carries a strong message against pollution of the river Ganges. In one song river Ganga herself requests Kanwariyas - Mat chadhaiha hamke bholenath pe... (do not pour me on God Shiva, I am not fot for that).

Talking about the the theme Kalpana said, we worship rivers in this great land, and yet there isn’t a single river that is free of industrial and urban pollution. River Ganga has long been considered a holy river by Hindus and worshiped like a goddess mother. This is the river of life, wherever it flows it supports life.

In Sultanganj, river Ganga flows towards north and this make it more pious. It is from this place that the kanwarias collect water in pots and carry it on kanwars to offer it to the Shivlingam at Deoghar temple. It is a 109 km journey through unpaved roads which Kanwarias happily walk over reciting Bol Bum.

Music album of Kalpana

This year the album KIS LIYE JOGI BANE... has a very strong message for all kanwarias, says Kalpana, "Sabhi kanwaria bhai-behen, jinka atma me Shiv Bhakti prabal hai,unke liye ek gohaar hai KALPANA ke taraf se. Is saal shraavan me Baba ko Gangajal arpan karte waqt ye zaroor sochiye ki kya ye Gangajal utni hi pawitra rah payee hai jaise wo aayi thi is dharti pe? Ganga pradushan ke jimmedar humlog hi hai aur hum logon ko hi iska pratikaar dhundhna hoga.Humlog jagruk honge to sarkar bhi jagruk hone ke liye majboor honge."

(Dear Kanwaria brothers and sisters, all those of you who have devotion towards Lord Shiva, here is a request from Kalpana. Please think whether the Gangajal you are going to offer Lord Shiva is as pure as it was when it came on earth? We ourselves are reponsible for polluting this river and we have to look for remedial measures as well. Only then the government of the day will be forced to adt towards cleaning it.)

Kanwariyas, Ganga Bachao!

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