Khatai Mithai make waves in Mumbai

Ravi Kishan and Vinay Anand in and as Khatai-Mithai

Comedy in Bhojpuri films usually means doing nonsense acts and speaking double meaning sentences to induce forced laughter amonst the viewers. Howevever Khatailal Mithailal is creating waves in Mumbai after it had successful runs in other film territories and the reason is its wonderful comedy.

According to Dev Pandey, director of the film, Khatai and Mithai are two Robinhood scamsters who use their illgotten money to help the old and needy. They are not run of the mill cheaters.

Khatailal Mithailal has been released in Mumbai by Anup Enterprises the film distribution company of famous film producer Jitesh Dubey. The film was released last Friday and is doing good business in Mumbai too.

Ravi Kishan, superstar of Bhojpuri films, plays the role of Khatai Lal whereas Vinay Anand plays Mithai Lal. Sushil Singh is in the role of a police inspector reminding the role played by Big Bachchan in Bunty aur Babli. Hot girl Monalisa and Lovy Rohatagi play the lead pairs with Rani and Vinay. Brijesh Tripathi too has an important role.

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