Lathmaar comes to Sangeet Bhojpuri

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'Sangeet Bhojpuri' is launching Lathmaar from 17th October 2009. Lathmaar is a rough-hewn villager who works in a Chai Stall for a livelihood. He is from a small village 'Chowki Haripur'located in Katihar district of Bihar. He loves movies, music, gossiping and is interested in each and every topic. He sits comfortably in his Chai Stall with his Lathi and talks to all his customers in a very hilarious fashion. He is an aspiring actor and a big fan of Bhojpuri movies/songs. He has immense knowledge about Bhojpuri film industry. He plays the tracks for the audience as per their request so that they can groove along with him in between his funny and comic situations.

Latthamar on Sangit Bhojpuri

Famous Bhojpuri film artists, directors and producers will come to his Chai stall on every Saturday to have chai (tea) and chat with him. This won't just be another talk session but one in which Lathmaar will continuously strive to pull the celeb's leg and grill celebrity to reveal the unknown and unseen side of the celebrities.

You can have a chat with Lathmaar on 58888 909 and place your requests, questions, queries, and dedications. If you want to know anything about Bhojpuri stars or want to dedicate a message to your favorite stars, Lathmaar will do it for you. Watch Lathmaar Monday to Saturday at 07:30 pm only on Sangeet Bhojpuri and its first look on 17thOctober 2009, a special one hour Diwali episode, featuring Famous Bhojpuri Actor Vinay Anand. Dont miss this special program & have a great time with Lathmaar only on Sangeet Bhojpuri.

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