Manjul Thakur : Young achiever of Bhojpuri Cinema

Manjul Thakur

Manjul Thakur is one of those few young achievers of Bhojpuri cinema who have proved their merit at a very young age. Manjul Thakur has established himself in a short span of three years as a reputed and successful director of Bhojpuri Films.

Making his directorial debut with Bhojpuria Daroga he soon made a strong impact with Masiha Babu. And now he is making news with his directorial success in Brijwa the most talked about Bhojpuri film of the year produced by Payal Dubey and presented by Jitesh Dubey. Other production of Jitesh Dubey - Munni Bai Nautankiwali - was the most successful Bhojpuri film of the year and Brijwa too is going to make waves.

In an informal chat with Shahsikant Singh, Manjul Thakur predicted that Brijwa will surely be a dhamal film of the year. He was confidant that the character projection of Brijwa, the villain of the film, is so strong that it cannot be overlooked and the film was named after the villain, a first in the history of Bhojpuri films.

Manjul Thakur, the director of the film Brijwa claimed that he has tried to present somethng new and admirable in almost every frame of the film and the viewers will lap it up. He has maintained the sharpness and cutting edge of the story like a sharp weapon and made the film technically superb. He thanked the presenter of the film Jitesh Dubey for having faith in Manjul to successfully direct the film. At the same time he was oblieged to Sudeep Pandey for introducing him to Bhojpuri film industry.

Manjul said that after this superb film Brijwa he has another superb film Awa Na Odha Deen Odhaniya Ae Raja Ji early next year. He has signed a film Jodi Laage Re Kamaal of Mahesh Pandey recently, which is going to be an emotional comedy.

Manjul Thkur is candid enough to say that his success is a natural result of his constant and properly directed efforts. Though he accepts to agree and follow valuable advice of his well wishers.

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