Pakhi Hegde and Dinesh Lal Yadav exclusively on Sangeet Bhojpuri

'Prem ke Rog Bhail' is a story about a girl and a boy who are engaged in their childhood by their parents but somehow they got separated, later on when the boy finds out the fact, he chases the girl and finally convinces the girl to marry him. In this movie, Nirahua will play a woman character for the first time in his entire filmy career. While he is acting in the film, he is also the producer of the film. This is the first home production of Nirahua International, where Pakhi Hegde and Dinesh Lal Yadav are playing the main lead.

Pakhi Hegde and Nirahua on Sangeet Bhojpuri

Sangeet Bhojpuri interviewed with the duo, Pakhi Hegde and Dinesh Lal Yadav who shared their experiences during the making of the film. Dinesh while speaking about his experiences revealed that he will be seen in the get-up of a female which he enjoyed thoroughly. Dinesh Yadav gives credit to his director for all this, who gave him confidence, to play a woman character. He also revealed that the movie tries to show Bhojpuri culture. He further stated that they went to Nainital, Mumbai and Azamgarh for the shooting. Pakhi narrates that this movie has a very important message for the youth. She advises youth that they should take their parents consent in matters of marriage. She expects 'Prem Ke Rog Bhail' to be an entertaining super hit film.

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