Now Alha-Udal on TV screen

Rahul Tiwari

Stories of Alha-Udal have always captivated the listners. Now these are going to be played on TV screens in every household. The lead player of the serials is going to be Rahul Tiwari from Uttar Pradesh.

Rahul started as a professional photographer but his everlasting desire to be a star haas brought him to acting ring. Rahul gives all the credit for his success to his zeal and dedication to excel. He also praises K.Dalmia for all the encouragement he gave Rahul to do something big. Dalmia has helped Rahul achieve his desire by helping him with everything in his command.

Rahul has also acted for years in theatre groups and has got praise for his acting skills specially for his role in Angrezi Ka Chakkar. Rahul trats Aamir Khan as his Icon and wish to achieve the same level of success one day. Rahul has full faith in his destiny that one day the world will bow to salute him!

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