Real Stone cares for output rather than brand : says Jaykishan.

Jai Kishan of Real Stone Entertainment Pvt.  Ltd.

Bhojpuri cinema is undergoing a rough patch for the last six years. And when a corporate company makes a record of house-full shows at a stretch for its very first film then this is certanly praiseworthy. Real Stone Entertainment Pvt.Ltd. made such a record with its first film Aapan Maati Aapan Desh.

This film has Bhojpuri Superstar Ravi Kishan, Sweety Chhabra, Sikandar Kharbanda, Megha Ghosh, Milind Gunaji, Sudesh Beri, Awadhesh Mishra, Surendra Pal, and manoj Tiger in lead roles and is directed by M.I.Raj. Producer of the film Jai Kishan has shown a way to the faltering Bhojpuri Film Industry. Presented here are excerpts from his interview:

How was it possible to achieve continuous housefull shows of Aapan Maati Aapan Desh?

- We never cared about the past and were concerned opnly with the future. We took it seriously, researched the Bhojpuri film market and present our film on the right time.

You just told about some research. What kind of research it was?

- We had a research wing which was involved in all the other aspects of film making, publicty, marketing, distribution. It interviewed many a persons and selected only those who were found suitable for our standards.

Is it the reason other corporate companies failed in film making?

- Yes. Other companies did not made the film. They simply outsourced th making and lost heavily. We made our film as per our own ways amd succeded.

You belong to Surajgarh of Rajasthan and are in no way related with Bhojpuri. Why then you choose making a Bhojpuri film?

We planned to play national team after playing Ranji trophy!. We decided to make a regional film and Asshish Kedia of our company suggested to go for a Bhojpuri film. We enetered the arena of film making once we had a suitable script.

So when are you graduating to Hindi films?

We are looking for a good script and suitable proposal. Our research team is at work again. And, we shall appear forexams only when we are fully prepared and after doing a profit loss estimation.

What problems you encountered in Bhojpuri cinema?

For one, it has got no parameters. Majority of people we met advised us not to go for a Bhojpuri film. not to make another film, you will not get any money from Bihar etc. etc. It was very demoralising and we turned this into our strength. Result is the phenomenal success of Aapan Maati Aapan Desh in Bihar and Mumbai both.

What are your future plans?

We want to build low concept multiplexes so that it wont be difficlt to sell a Bhojopuri film. We are also looking for foreign markets. We want to judge someone for her output rather than his brand value. Corporate means combining all and we are soon going to take a step toward it.

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