Fabulous party by Sahil Khan

The rising star of Bhojpuri Cinema recently gave a fabulous party at the Escape Club of Mumbai to celebrate completion of his film .

Vinod Bharti is producing this film under the banner of Hanuman Cine Production. Sanjay Sinha has directed the film.

Champa Chameli Ki Party

Many bigwigs, including Kunal Singh, Raza murad, Rajendra Jain, Jaishree T, Jay Prakash Karnataki, Rajkumar Pandey, Harry Fernandes, Gaurav Ghai, and Dr. Virendra Tiwari, of Bhojpuri film industry were present there to grace the occasion.

Liyakat Ali and Anant Patel were the guest of honour while Tanya and Chandani Chopra were the attraction of the evening.

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