Viewers like something new too, says Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay Pandey

Sanjay Pandey is the name of the villain of Bhojpuri Cinema and who thrills the viewers with his acting. His role model is Pran, old days villain of Bolywood cinema. He has worked in more than a dozen and half Bhojpuri films. Ghar Dvar, Hum Bal Brahmchari Tu Kaya Kumari, Bawal Kare Chediya, Brijwa, and, Deewana are some of thoose films. His carreer graph keeps him on the top. Presented here are some excerpts of an interview with him :

Deewana by Rajkumar Pandey made you a top villain. What do you say about your success ?

Me too like success as everyone does. But I am not swollen with it. However, I feel encouraged with this success. I give all the credits to Rajkumar Ji for this success. I feel myself lucky that I got opportunities to experiment. In Hindi films Pran sahab, Gulshan Grover, Amrish Puri et al got a chance to do aristrocrat villain roles. In Bhojpuri cinema it is usually a routine character. Even the script writers dont labor on it and all the villains are mould in the same sort of character. Fortunately, I was lucky to have directors who love and promote experiments.

You have worked with super stars of Bhojpuri cinema including Ravi Kishan, Nirahua, Vinay Anand, and Pawan Singh. Now you are going to do Laal Lugga with Manoj Tiwari, Megastar of Bhojpuri Cinema. How do you feel ?

Lucky and happy. When producer Mukesh Pandey and director Manjul Thakur informed that I am doing Laal Lugga with Manoj Tiwari these were the feelings. I also am grateful to Mahesh Pandey who has given me a postive role in Jodi Laage Re Kamaal. This was a promise he had made earlier and now has fulfilled.

You are the first villain in Bhojpuri cinema who came from theatres. Say something about that experience.

I did tweleve years at theatres starting from my student days at Katni of Madhya Pradesh which continued later at Bhopal and then at Mumbai. I worked with Bansi Kaul at Bhopal and Satyadev Dubey at Mumbai. Theatres create a total actor and the experience as well as hard work there helps you in cinema in a long way.

You are working with top directors like Jagdish Sharma, Rajkumar Pandey, Manjul Thakur, Mahesh Pandey etc and you are now a favourite of them. Tell something about your upcoming films.

I feel myself fortunate to be theire fovaourites. I thank them for their faith in me. My upcoming films are Devra Bada Sataavela, Daag, Saat Saheliyan, Saiya Ka Saath Madaiya Me and Batasha Chacha

Your role in tv serial Aanchal telecast on Mahuaa TV too is being praised. What do you say ?

It was a courageous decision of Raja Mukherjee when he decided to cast me in a posstivie role while I am doing so many villain roles in films. It is just pleasant to note that viewers are liking the role.

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