Shubham Tiwari : The first cinestar from Jharkhand

Shubham Tiwari

Like Mahendra Singh Dhoni is doing in the field of cricket for Jharkhand Shubham Tiwari wants to do in the field of cinema. Born in a family of agriculture background Shubham Tiwari is the first actor from Jharkhand who has been selected for a lead role in a film. He is doing a main role in Bhojpuri film Kanoon Humra Mutthi Mein along with Bhojpuri Superstar Ravi Kishan.

Shubham is very enthusiasitic about his film Kanoon Humare Mutthi Mein and says that his acting in team with Ravi Kishan in the film will be appreciated by one and all. And viewers will feel the fragrance of Bihar Jharkhand and UP in his film.

Shubham was religious minded from beginning and wanted to do some thing special. Though he was educated as civil engineer from Nagpur he always participated in stage shows of his school and college. Noting the natural talent of his, Shubham's elder brothers Sonu and Harendra Tripathi always encouraged him to go for acting. Finally one day he came to Mumbai with blessings of his parents and started doing stage shows.

It was the situation when he got a chance to land in cinema industry as a lead actor with Ravi Kishan in the Bhojpuri film Kanoon Humare Mutthi Mein. The film is being produced by UD Movie and Shriram Production. Shubham Tiwari is very earthly and softspoken. When asked about his future plans Shubham readily replied that he wanted to shine in the film industry like Dhoni is shning in the field of Cricket.

Keep it up Shubham! You will achieve your target one day!.

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