I like to decide for myself - Sushil Singh

Sushil Singh as Munna Bhaiya There are only a few actors in Bhojpuri Film Industry who are known for their acting skills, and Sushil Singh is one of those few. Awarded as the best villain by ETV, Sushil Singh has now left doing negative roles and has started doing lead roles.Viewers of BHojpuri Cinema ae going to see a new face of that well known character Munna Khan of Munna Bajrangi, the most talked about Bhojpuri film till date, in the upcoming Bhojpuri film Hum Hain Munna Bhaiya. This film will be defining the action films afresh.

Sushil Singh has done all the stunt scenes ofBhojpuri film Hum Hain Munna Bhaiya himself without taking the help of duplicates. Director Ekbal Bux has given much effort to these scenes and mentally prepared Sushil to do these scenes. Sunil accepted the challange as he likes to decide his way and loves taking risks.

We have seen Sushil as Munna Khan of Munna Bajrangi, a sentimental person of Kabhu Chhute Naa Ee Saath, and now will see him as a Tapori in Hum Hain Munna Bhaiya. He was also in a unique role in Khatai Lal Mithai Lal. In a new film he will also be seen with Ravi Kishan.

Sushil Singh believes that an actor should be conversant with all types of roles and in every aspect of acting. Shotgun and Vinod Khanna had done this transformation from a villain to a hero in Hindi cinema annd Sushil is the first one to do it in Bhojpuri cinema.

Sushil Singh belongs to Banaras and comes from a joint family background. His father Dr.Gulab Singh is a physician and his family is also in dairy and hotel industries. He arrived in the ffilms more as an accident than as planned. He was in Mumbai during his summer vacation and landed in Aahat teleserial telecasted on Sony tv.Then he got a role in Aanch with the help of writer Kamlesh Pandey. Sushil Singh credits Sushil Upadhyay for introducing him to Bhojpuri cinema. Kamlesh was on location hunting in Varanasi when he met Sushil and introduced him as a villain of Bhojpuri films. Sushil likes to leave his imprint on Bhojpuri cinema as Ajay Devgan and Nana Patekar has done on Hindi cinema.

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