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Popular singer as well as famous Bhojpuri Actor Pawan Singh has been cast with perhaps the most successful actress of Bhojpuri film industry Rani Chatterjee as lead pair in 'Tohar Naikhe Kauno Jodh, Tu Bejod badu ho'. The film also has Divya Dwiwedi and Prem Nagwanshi playing the lead roles. 'Tohar Naikhe Kauno Jodh,Tu Bejod Badu Ho' is a complete entertainment package consisting of soft romantic and family drama with a plenty of action scenes in the movie. Rani and Divya are playing sisters in the movie where Rani plays a traditional girl and on the other hand, Divya plays a modern college going girl. Music of the film is also a major attraction. One of its songs is 'Chalbu ka khetwa mein' has a striking resemblance to Gulaam's hit song 'Aati kya khandala'.

Unit members of Tohar Naeekhe Kavno Jod Tu Bejod badu Ho

Sangeet Bhojpuri had interviewed cast and crew members of the film. While interviewing, when asked how he got the idea of coming up with this film, Director Rameshwar Mishra told us that he had this story in his mind since a very long time and when he discussed this concept with actor Prem Nagwanshi, he got an instant feedback and there was no looking back. Actress Divya dwiwedi shared her experience too, she said that while shooting for one of the song sequence, which was shot near a swimming pool and required her to sing and dance in rain, had a tough time shooting as it was shot during winter. During the shoot, she also got mobbed but was later rescued by her unit members. Leading lady in the film, Rani Chatterjee revealed that for the first time she will be playing the role of a matured girl who despite of being a modern day woman values her culture and tradition. Rani and Divya also said about male lead of the movie, Pawan Singh. They said that he will be seen doing some powerful stunts for the first time in his movie career. Divya further elaborated that Pawan is a very down-to-earth guy. Apart from this, Music Director Aman Shlok and Singer Indu Sonali also shared their experience about the movie.

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