Seema, Sapna and Muhurt of Trinetra

Ravi Kishan and Vinay Anand in and as Khatai-Mithai

Recently Muhurt shot of Bhojpuri film Trinetra was taken at Bhaseen Nest beside the swimming pool of Mud Island amidst glittering stars of Bhojpuri Cinema. Seema Pandey, Poonam Sagar, and Puja Singh were loitering around on the sets followed by Pankaj Kesri, Samartha Chaturvedi, and Dharmesh Kumar. Everyone was waiting for Vinay Anand and Vijay Lal Yadav while producer P. Mishra and director Shad were busy preparing for the Muhurt shot.

When the wait ended Raj Chopra broke the traditional coconut and Babu Bhai of Bollywood Equipments switched on the camera. Choreographer Ram Dewan gave the signal to start the music and Seema Singh and Sapna started dancing. A beautiful shot was Okayed in no time.

Jitendra Singh and Bano Ali are the co-producers while Music is given by Ashok Kumar Deep. Lyrics are by Deep and Pyarelal Yadav. Amrit Pal, Priya Ghawre, Jitendra Singh, and senior star Rakesh Pandey are also in the film. A beautiful set was erected for the Muhurt shot by director Shad who has been a popular cameraman in the recent past. Raj Chopra is presenting this film.

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