Action is the essence of acting - Vinay R Anand

Bhojpuri SuperStar Vinay R AnandThe ever popular and cine goers favorite Bhojpuri star Vinay R Anand has continued mesmerizing his fans in the year 2009 too. The year started with JAADE MEIN BALMA PYARA LAAGE becoming the rage and the craze of his youthful audiences. And by the end of the year another of his films BRIJWA too, took him to the newer peaks of his success. In fact BRIJWA has turned out to be the biggest film of the year. It seems that golden era of Bhojpuri films has arrived. The magic of Vinay's romance and his thrilling action sequences in this film has literally floored the audiences. Presented herewith is the edited version of the conversation we had with Vinay R Anand. ;

Vinayji, there are talks all around about your film BRIJWA. In fact you have become the center of all attraction. Are you enjoying all the attention ?

Oh! Yeah, I am enjoying so much so that I do not have any words to express my joy. From the beginning we were confident about the huge success of BRIJWA. But we never thought it would create such a big sensation. Hence I would like to say thanks, ten times, to Jitesh Dubey the producer of the film who gave me the chance to play such a good role. In fact the most important lead role of the film.

Who else do you think is responsible for the huge success of BRIJWA? Who else would you like to thank?

I think for this, director Manjul Thakur too deserves full credit and I would like to thank him too. He has really made a very entertaining film for Bhojpuri film lovers. Amongst the newest breed of GEN X directors Manjul Thakur has proved himself to be a very energetic and perfect technician who keeps on experimenting and reinventing himself.

So how many more films can we expect from you in the New Year?

Sir I think you can expect a total of 10 films from me in the year 2010.1 really wish to create a new record of my releases in the New Year. In fact with one release every month I want to give 12 films in a year. If only the media supports me and remains in my favor then I will keep on giving you guy's juicy news all the year round.

Ok now tell us the names of the films from which you have very great expectations ?

First of all there is Garda Garda Kaile Badu Jabse Bhailu Jawan Ho, which is really going to create a sensation. This is a Dev - Mukesh film in which I have a very unusual role. The next film Mora Balma Chail Chhabila is also a Dev - Mukesh film which will complete a hat trick of Dev - Mukesh - Vinay films as Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Laage was also a Dev - Mukesh film. After these there is one more very exciting film namely Shridhar Shetty's film Jai Ho Dulhe Raja. Apart from these there are many other films like Chutki Bhar Sindoor, Trinetra, Jaanbaaz, Jigarwale & Kisna Kailas Kamaal. Besides these two more films AKHADA and NAUNIHAAL are going on the floors immediately. I am also doing another film DAMINI, which will also be a sensation, of Dr. Sunil who had earlier made Chacha Batijha with me.

Unlike Dharamjiyou also give a good mix of romance and comedy. The audience enjoys your action scenes too. Have you taken any special training for this?

I think an actor should be capable of doing everything. Besides I believe that action is the spine of acting. A complete actor should be talented enough to do everything. My action scenes have been talked about more after the release of Brijwa for which I would like to thank my action director Shakeel Shaikh. In future too my films like JAANBAAZ And JIGARWALE will have even more dangerous action sequences. These films of mine are complete thrillers and it will prove to be an achievement for Bhojpuri films.

What are the differences that you find between a Hindi film and a Bhojpuri film?

If we go on a Hindi film set we feel like we have come only to work. If we go on a Bhojpuri film set we feel like we are sitting amongst our long lost brothers and fellow human beings. Period.

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