Vinay Anand and Monalisa in Jade Me..

Vinay Anand is rocking on success

Vinay Anad starrer Bhojpuri film Jade Me Balma Pyaraa Laage was released in the pious month of austerity Ramadan in Mumbai and has proved to be a super-duper hit. Monalisa is fast becoming the heart throb of Bhojpuria cinegoers.

Vinay Anand confessed that he was apprrehensive about releasing the film in the month of Ramadan but at the same time he had ample faith in Gareeb Nawaz and Ganapati Bappa that the film will sail through the bad weather. When he and Jitesh Dubey, distibutor of the film in Mumbai, came to know about the successful outcome he thanked Lord Ganapati and Garib Nawaz.

Vinay Anand thanked his Muslim brothers for the success. He revealed that he is an ardent devout of Makhdum Baba and frequently visits Mahim Dargah and Dargah of Hazi Ali.

Jeetesh Dubey too is very happy that the film has proved to be a success.

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