Vinay Anand turns follower...

Vinay Anand

While Hindi film-stars are busy for their eight-pack, Bhojpuri Super Star Vinay Anand is following Baba Ramdev's Yoga.

When you meet Vinay, he will never say 'Hi' or 'Bye' like other stars. Instead, he will talk to you about Pranayam and Baba Ramdev. Vinay Anand says that Yoga has really changed his life. Vinay Anand works out with his Yoga practices for 20 minutes daily . He is a big fan of Baba Ramdev. Early in morning he does Yoga seeing DVD of Baba Ramdev and after that continue viewing Baba Ramdev's Yoga on various Channels.

Vinay assures that Yoga has maintained his body very well and asks everybody to do Yoga for their own body fitness. Recently Vinay Anand’s Bhojpuri film Jaade Mein Balma Pyara Lage has turned super-duper hit. And Vinay Anand is enjoying this success in his own way. Earlier he was doing Yoga for 10 minutes daily, whereas he is now doing Yoga for 20-25 minutes daily!

It is very good Vinay! After Shilpa Shetty you too are promoting Yoga. You have taken a very good decision, keep it up.

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